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Has Social Media Became Too Big?

Here is a guest blog post our CEO Eric Santos did on To view the original post please visit it here.  The spawning of internet has led to the explosion of social media because many people are joining it in hordes.

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Social Media – Making Our World Even Smaller

There was a point in time where hearing from friends or knowing the latest news stories happened to be more of a rare treat as opposed to something that you could constantly check.  It wasn’t until social media and networking

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The rapid growth and saturation of social media

In today’s world if you haven’t gone social then you’re not getting recognized!  Whether you’re just using social media to keep up with your friends and family and catch the latest buzz or whether you’re using it to get business

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Launch Recap

Our launch went great. Thanks for everyone who signed up for our kick-ass applications. We got a good number of users, and more importantly, we got some great feedback.  We got some media coverage from some online news outlets. Here

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We are launching April 1st!

In this age of Social Media overload, life has become increasingly difficult juggling between various networking sites and blogs. Presence in numerous virtual communities where information is shared, co-created, and exchanged has become a necessary part of life, which means

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