Dwibbles is a social media manager that brings all of your social media and RSS feeds into one easy-to-customize stream that only displays the updates you actually want to see. Dwibbles is smart. Over time, Dwibbles learns what’s important to you by detecting the topics and people you follow the most. Whatever you’re in to, Dwibbles will understand what and who you find interesting and make sure you never miss out! Dwibbles allows users to digest their everyday content intake (social feeds, news, media, etc) as well as manage their social media accounts from one easy to use platform.

Dwibbles was founded in Fresno, CA. Our mission is to make social media relevant. Making social media more relevant is a big problem right now. Every day, more and more social networks are coming out, leaving the social media experience saturated. Our team has been engaged in social media for a couple of years now. Throughout this time, we’ve seen social networking turn from something that was a niche into a term that is ubiquitous. There is too much information out there and not enough time. The solution is a platform that brings your relevant information together. Building this “solution” is exactly what we did.


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