Launch Recap

Our launch went great. Thanks for everyone who signed up for our kick-ass applications. We got a good number of users, and more importantly, we got some great feedback.  We got some media coverage from some online news outlets. Here is one write-up about our launch from The Business Journal

Our launch actually went a little better than expected. On Thursday April 4th,  due to a heavy load, our servers went down. We got a high amount of traffic around 6 pm that evening. Our site went down at 7 pm and stayed down till 2 am the next morning. We already apologized on all our social media outlets, but I would like to use this opportunity again to apologize to all of our users. We recently beefed up our hosting and infrastructure so we are now ready for all the hopeful future traffic we hope to receive. So I dare you to try to crash us :). Seriously, please share Dwibbles with all your friends, lets get the word out!

This launch wouldn’t have been possible with out all our supporters pushing us to get everything ready in time for April 1st. We would like to give a big shout to our advisers Jonah Lupton, John Ricci, Erin Wilson, Sean Fullop, and Jeff Macon for helping promote our launch!

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