We are launching April 1st!

In this age of Social Media overload, life has become increasingly difficult juggling between various networking sites and blogs. Presence in numerous virtual communities where information is shared, co-created, and exchanged has become a necessary part of life, which means separate accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google have to be tended to independently and regularly to be alive in the virtual world. Blogs, RSS feeds, and Online News need to be constantly received and updated. All these task lead to a disarrangement of busy tabs and windows in your browser, creating nothing short of chaos on your computer screen. Separately dedicating time for each individual activity proves to be immensely tiresome and extremely time consuming. Furthermore, half of the information you receive on your social media accounts is of little interest to you, or is just plain garbage. While the content that you actually want to see, more often than not, gets missed. This is where Dwibbles, a new online social media manager app, comes in.

Dwibbles is a revolutionary social media manager that brings all your social media accounts into one platform. It is a highly interactive and easy-to-customize online tool that facilitates access to all the different networking sites and blogs that you follow on a single page. It collects all the notifications, RSS feeds and updates of your friends, and merges them into one stream of data containing all the information that you actually need to see. Using Dwibbles is easy. You can create an account in seconds by using your twitter or facebook account; add the services you want to follow, and (presto!) You will begin receiving notifications and feeds on the Dwibbles’ page immediately. Simple, convenient, and time efficient!

But that’s not all! Dwibbles provides some unique features which cannot be found together anywhere else. It is an intelligent tool that detects the topics and people that you follow most frequently and determines what information will be important, relevant, and interesting to you. It also helps prioritize your feeds, so that you receive what you want and how you want it. And don’t forget about the cross-platform update and sharing feature built into the tool. Dwibbles is proving to be one of the most essential and preferable tools available for online social media management ever!

Currently in a Beta, Dwibbles plans to have a soft launch April 1st (no April Fools) this year. Dwibbles is looking for early adopter users who are willing to provide feedback.  Becoming a user is completely risk-free; it’s easy and doesn’t cost anything. Also, be on the lookout for the mobile application coming out in early fall. Make sure to check them out at www.dwibbles.com and follow them on twitter at @dwibblestweets.

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