Has Social Media Became Too Big?

Here is a guest blog post our CEO Eric Santos did on myblogger-tricks.com. To view the original post please visit it here. 

The spawning of internet has led to the explosion of social media because many people are joining it in hordes. With over a billion members, sites such as face book have become overcrowded. Many companies are jostling for marketing space in the online sphere and the techniques of attracting the users are becoming stale. The Saturation of the market calls for innovative methods which could attract traffic to the website. Recent Market research has shown that the fan base of major companies on social media is dwindling. Many corporations are trying to devise new strategies for retaining the users and adding new ones.

In past people used the advertising platform as a means to enhance the customer base because it ensured round the clock presence. The medium is losing its sheen because people are indifferent towards the advertisement appearing in the sponsored section. Companies are making it more complex; however it does not have any results. Therefore, they are focusing on enhancing the ranking of the website in the organic search engine listings.

Initially an explosive growth of the social media buoyed the people to extend the number of followers; nevertheless it has only become a numbers game because many people are not even bothered about the regular updates. Dwibbles could become solution for the users because it is tailor made for them by customizing the updates that users actually want to see. Undesired updates are rejected by the application because they are too many and tend to clutter the mindset. Apps like dwibbles are responsible for bringing in new and relevant feeds to the users.

The ticker and the graph are introduced by the face book to ensure that organic sharing is accomplished without pushing a button. Using a third party application, one can limit the number of updates to a great extent. To enhance the customer base, one has to be innovative and make the people interactive on the status updates. Although, a community might have many members but all of them are not interested in the products or services unless they are cajoled into.

The solution is not to acquire the different platforms but deploy novel ideas to attract the number of followers. They should be responsive unlike the present scenarios where their interaction is limited to only the likes on the updates.  Photo sharing is one of the best methods to inculcate interest among the users so that they could participate in discussion.

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Social Media – Making Our World Even Smaller

There was a point in time where hearing from friends or knowing the latest news stories happened to be more of a rare treat as opposed to something that you could constantly check.  It wasn’t until social media and networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others took off along with the use of smart phones that we are continually connected to everyone we know and follow.  This trend of social media has helped us not only remain connected but makes the world we live in much smaller.

How is social media making our world smaller?

One of the most interesting parts of social media has to be the fact that most of us have a smart phone that is connected to these networks all day long.  It makes it very easy to quickly make comments on news stories, share photos, give followers video clips, and be part of the conversations that are going on.  It’s easy to become part of a conversation with people that you may or may not have met before interacting with other people constantly.  It not only makes it easy to talk with friends and family but people who live in other nations that you share interests along with.

Is this kind of connectivity a good thing?

While there are complaints about people being too addicted to devices like the stereotypical teenager on the smart phone or even those who fall for the misinformation that is on social networks at times, this connectivity is merely an outlet for people to express who they are and what they think.  Some of it is great while some is not.  All in all, being connected like this is something many enjoy.

This type of connectivity allows many of us to stay informed about various news stories, local events, popular projects, charity initiatives, family issues, and the lives of friends.  For many, this can make it so much easier to keep up with what is going on in an otherwise busy world.

How are people staying connected?

Many are either going directly to the social media sites, using smart phone apps, following blogs, or even using websites that allow them to consolidate all their feeds and interests in one spot.  One of these that is fairly interesting is called Dwibbles that will literally learn what you read the most so that the most relevant information will be right there on the page which is easy to read and access.

If you haven’t checked out social media and networking sites, it might be something that you could find to be interesting.  Since it does keep us connected and make the world a bit smaller by interacting with others, it’s something fun and valuable to look into.

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The rapid growth and saturation of social media

In today’s world if you haven’t gone social then you’re not getting recognized!  Whether you’re just using social media to keep up with your friends and family and catch the latest buzz or whether you’re using it to get business exposure and networking you should make sure that you’re reaching out to the right crowds and staying current on all of the new growth that’s hitting the Internet.

With sites like Dwibbles it makes it easy for users of multiple social media sites to get all of their information in one convenient location.  If you’re looking for a convenient way to streamline all of your accounts into one easy location then look no further!  Chances are your friends and family aren’t always posting relevant information.  There’s really no need to know when someone is going to invite you to a new game to play or whether or not someone is out to dinner at the Olive Garden!  Many of us are getting annoying updates on things that aren’t really important in our lives and keeping up with everything and everyone can seem like a job you’re not really willing to invest the time in!

If you’re looking for a great way to manage all of your accounts and the updates that you receive then Dwibbles is a great tool for you.  You can log into the account via Facebook or Twitter and start seeing how it can save you time and keep you current on the things you need to know not the useless stuff you’re getting now!

The internet and social media growth the past few years is absolutely crazy!  If you don’t have an account on some of the most popular sites then you’re probably way behind everyone else.  However, even if you don’t have and account you more than likely recognize the name of the sites!

Dwibbles is a social medial device that’s intuitive to your needs and wants!  Consider it the social media version of TiVo!  Over time it will become familiar with the things that matter most in your life and only update you when it’s something relevant or useful to you and your everyday events.

There are also other great features of Dwibbles that helps you manage your social media in one location so if you haven’t checked them out yet make sure you do as social media growth has flourished over the past few years and you don’t want to miss out on what’s currently trending!

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Launch Recap

Our launch went great. Thanks for everyone who signed up for our kick-ass applications. We got a good number of users, and more importantly, we got some great feedback.  We got some media coverage from some online news outlets. Here is one write-up about our launch from The Business Journal


Our launch actually went a little better than expected. On Thursday April 4th,  due to a heavy load, our servers went down. We got a high amount of traffic around 6 pm that evening. Our site went down at 7 pm and stayed down till 2 am the next morning. We already apologized on all our social media outlets, but I would like to use this opportunity again to apologize to all of our users. We recently beefed up our hosting and infrastructure so we are now ready for all the hopeful future traffic we hope to receive. So I dare you to try to crash us :). Seriously, please share Dwibbles with all your friends, lets get the word out!

This launch wouldn’t have been possible with out all our supporters pushing us to get everything ready in time for April 1st. We would like to give a big shout to our advisers Jonah Lupton, John Ricci, Erin Wilson, Sean Fullop, and Jeff Macon for helping promote our launch!

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We are launching April 1st!

In this age of Social Media overload, life has become increasingly difficult juggling between various networking sites and blogs. Presence in numerous virtual communities where information is shared, co-created, and exchanged has become a necessary part of life, which means separate accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google have to be tended to independently and regularly to be alive in the virtual world. Blogs, RSS feeds, and Online News need to be constantly received and updated. All these task lead to a disarrangement of busy tabs and windows in your browser, creating nothing short of chaos on your computer screen. Separately dedicating time for each individual activity proves to be immensely tiresome and extremely time consuming. Furthermore, half of the information you receive on your social media accounts is of little interest to you, or is just plain garbage. While the content that you actually want to see, more often than not, gets missed. This is where Dwibbles, a new online social media manager app, comes in.

Dwibbles is a revolutionary social media manager that brings all your social media accounts into one platform. It is a highly interactive and easy-to-customize online tool that facilitates access to all the different networking sites and blogs that you follow on a single page. It collects all the notifications, RSS feeds and updates of your friends, and merges them into one stream of data containing all the information that you actually need to see. Using Dwibbles is easy. You can create an account in seconds by using your twitter or facebook account; add the services you want to follow, and (presto!) You will begin receiving notifications and feeds on the Dwibbles’ page immediately. Simple, convenient, and time efficient!

But that’s not all! Dwibbles provides some unique features which cannot be found together anywhere else. It is an intelligent tool that detects the topics and people that you follow most frequently and determines what information will be important, relevant, and interesting to you. It also helps prioritize your feeds, so that you receive what you want and how you want it. And don’t forget about the cross-platform update and sharing feature built into the tool. Dwibbles is proving to be one of the most essential and preferable tools available for online social media management ever!

Currently in a Beta, Dwibbles plans to have a soft launch April 1st (no April Fools) this year. Dwibbles is looking for early adopter users who are willing to provide feedback.  Becoming a user is completely risk-free; it’s easy and doesn’t cost anything. Also, be on the lookout for the mobile application coming out in early fall. Make sure to check them out at www.dwibbles.com and follow them on twitter at @dwibblestweets.

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